Boothwyn Pharmacy

About this project

Boothwyn Pharmacy has been an integral part of providing vital pharmacy services to its local and regional communities since 1933. While Boothwyn was a paragon of pharmacy service, their website at the time was not matching the same level of quality that they were known for.

Boothwyn Pharmacy reached out to Farotech to help update their pharmacy website, among other things, to modernize their brand and overall digital presence.

Future Proofing Plan

Once Farotech and Boothwyn Pharmacy sat down and discussed the overall plans for the company, Farotech put into action a multilevel plan starting with the initial Boothwyn Pharmacy website.

During this process, Farotech performed a site-map and site-architecture exercise to design the site in a way to allow for great future scalability for the next five years. This planning also opened the door for optimal SEO and support for a full-blown inbound marketing campaign.

Design & Development

From there, Farotech began work on the design and development of the pharmacy website. By carefully adapting their branding and appealing to the two markets that they serve (compounding and veterinarian needs), the site design quickly came together.

From there, the team launched into development, adapting copy content and optimizing the website for maximum SEO value. After some initial considerations of HIPPA and ADA quality assurance, the site would be ready to go live.


During the final sweep of the site development, Farotech helped Boothwyn Pharmacy navigate HIPAA and ADA website requirements.

As a pharmacy or any other health-related website, HIPAA is a very large component that needs to be taken seriously, as the consequences for violating it can be major. By helping Boothwyn Pharmacy find the right partner, Farotech implemented HIPAA-approved contact forms across the website. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) were also handled in making sure the website was easy to use for any users with disabilities.

The Results

With all those items accounted for, the website was then launched. Boothwyn Pharmacy was excited about the launch and continued to work with Farotech in launching their other related web initiatives.

After the initial training materials and post-launch period had finished, Farotech reviewed the site analytics and saw that the organic traffic and valuable keywords had skyrocketed from the previous version of the website.