About this project

CM3 Building Solutions (CM3) has been serving the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware communities for over 20 years with their offerings in Air, Energy, Security, Communications, and Maintenance Services.

Over the years, Farotech has been a partner of CM3 and assisted them in matters such as design, email campaigns, and website builds. However, their website was out of date and needed a more modern approach. Farotech was eager to improve on their earlier website efforts and jumped right into the process of strategic planning.

Planning and Functions

One of the first things Farotech tackled was laying out the site architecture in a way that would best benefit CM3 for long-term SEO benefits.

Once the site map, meta descriptions, alt text, and other items critical to ADA website compliance/SEO best practices were completed, Farotech then tried to figure out how to create unique functionality to better highlight CM3’s offerings. Farotech worked with CM3 to create their own in-house careers section/job board, project case studies page, and sister product website.

Design and Responsiveness

Once the initial site map and technical planning were out of the way, Farotech next moved on to the creative side of the website rebuild.

It was critical that CM3’s website was modern-looking, fast-loading, and responsive across all devices as their buyer personas are wide and varied. After identifying the main priority design pages to work on, Farotech collaborated with CM3 to make a cutting-edge design that properly represented their new branding.

Development and QA

After the design phase and branding adjustments were all firmly ironed out, the next step the group needed to take was starting full website development.

All of the aforementioned technical planning items were set up and went through a rigorous quality-assurance phase. As the design was implemented and tested to ensure the best practices for mobile responsiveness, the team did a final check before scheduling out the launch of the website.

The Results

CM3’s new website matched exactly what they were looking for and performed wonderfully in all of the SEO measurement metrics. Once the website had been up and running perfectly for 30 days, Farotech ran a final post-launch report to see how the new website was performing to the previous version.

After compiling all of the reports, the group was very pleased with the results. Due to all the preplanning and execution, the website was getting better positioning across all search engines and more than doubled their organic traffic.