Digital Marketing | SEO


About this project

Ctrl M Health is an innovative digital health company developed in collaboration with the Jefferson Headache Center. They came to Farotech with products and some concepts but needed a defined strategy to get traffic and awareness for their migraine app as well as their online supplement store.

Once Farotech examined their issues with their marketing, they put together a comprehensive strategy to help reach Ctrl M’s goals.

Painless Content

A big part of helping Ctrl M with awareness and traffic was Farotech’s implementation of more valuable written content. After working on a keyword strategy and editorial calendar, Ctrl M started seeing a noticeable increase in organic traffic and engagement. Once Farotech’s strategy to further enhance their content via structured content was added, the results really took off. Finally, some great, well-designed offers were produced to help with user engagement and conversion.

Ads Optimization

While the SEO strategy was being progressively built up and executed, Farotech also leveraged some ad campaigns.

A few methods that were used to further drive traffic results were Search Ads, retargeting, shopping ads with a focus on supplement goods, and Amazon Shop Ads. In addition to optimizing their ads for best return on Ctrl M’s ads budget, Farotech also developed optimized landing pages, Amazon content, and design collateral to best attract users.

Email Nuturing

As the strategy and optimized content were pushing traffic to the Ctrl M website, Farotech knew that having a strong email strategy to keep up user engagement was key, as well.

Farotech went to work creating well-designed and modern emails that appealed to both clients and providers. The emails heavily pushed on the engagement side of things between the promotion of interactive workbook offers, various social media channels, and themed content tailored toward popular user topics.

The Result

All of Farotech’s strategies were further optimized over time via A/B testing, and the introduction of new progressive strategies doubled Ctrl M’s metrics. Between organic traffic and paid traffic, engagement with the website grew exponentially.

Ctrl M continues to expand their reach to users via helpful articles on their website and their migraine app. With the success of Farotech’s well-rounded strategy, Ctrl M is a great example of promoting all aspects of your business while being true to your brand.