Darlington Designs

About this project

Darlington Designs is a premier home design company that was starting to expand their reach into the pool market. This meant that a strong additional marketing effort was needed to help reach its full potential.

Enter Farotech. Darlington Designs reached out to Farotech to help with this full marketing effort in the designer pool expansion, and Farotech immediately started to work with them in establishing a robust marketing plan.

Assessing New Buyers

After some initial kickoff meetings, Farotech researched and laid out a strategy for everything that needed to be done to get Darlington Designs’ pool division thriving. During this time, it became clear that Darlington really needed to workshop their sales cycle for this new persona.

For the sales cycle analysis, a big focus was put into the “wow” experience of high-end pool customers. This, along with educational supporting material, laid out a great foundation for the marketing and sales process.

Full Marketing Press

With a solid foundation in place, the marketing campaign was clear on their messaging and ready to start in earnest. To target the persona of wealthy homeowners looking to get high-end custom pool designs, Farotech engaged in paid social ads to directly target them and best utilize the budget. Site optimization, educational blogs, and email promotions helped with the overall ecosystem of the marketing plan, as well. In addition, Farotech set up a CRM to help with sales and KPI measurement.

Educational Offers

As the marketing ecosystem for the designer pool personas was fully set up and in full swing, the next major step to take was creating educational offers.

With the focus on providing educational material to help lower the entry barrier of engagement for the persona, a multitude of offers was created. Ebooks featuring pool contractors’ “important questions to ask,” infographics on how the overall pool process would go, and interactive pricing features helped immensely with user engagement.

The Results

Due to the various marketing efforts going on, Darlington Designs had metric improvements across the board for their designer pool campaign.

Highly valuable target keywords were increased by double year over year, and there was an over 215% increase in qualified leads from paid social media. With the success in user engagement and the unification of sales and marketing, Darlington Designs was able to truly capitalize on the sales opportunities brought in from the campaign.