Donor Alliance

About this project

As a recognized leader in facilitating the donation and recovery of transplantable organs and tissues, Donor Alliance’s mission is to save lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation in both Colorado and Wyoming.

To help better support their mission, Donor Alliance reached out to Farotech to help create a website that would best support all of their marketing needs and functions. Between maintaining their legacy content, leveraging SEO, and new functionality, a lot of work had to be done

A Unique Vision

While the initial strategy portion of the site was being performed, Donor Alliance and Farotech took an in-depth look at what kind of design would best represent Donor Alliance’s value and uniqueness as an organization.

After a series of branding exercises and questionnaires, the group agreed on an easily recognizable and original design. A delicate balance of the main brand and sub-brands brought the design altogether.

Building Better

The design was now a major component of the website that could be seen as “modern” for years to come, but there was still the task of making the website structure match the new design.

Reorganizing the sitemap was a large undertaking as it had to account for a multitude of items such as SEO, long-term sitemap growth, existing content, and the variety of donation partners. After a lot of care and consideration, a perfect sitemap was chosen, and Donor Alliance has had no issues with site growth or new features over time.

New Functionality

It was important for Donor Alliance to implement new functionalities to better serve their large audience. A variety of new functionality was implemented such as engaging event pages, multilanguage pages, registration portals, partner pages, and interactive donor resources.

After implementing these functionalities, Donor Alliance saw a great boost in organic traffic and engagement on other channels.

The Results

The website redesign was a great success and in use for years to come. Engagement and organic traffic skyrocketed. All this success dovetailed into Farotech working on additional websites with Donor Alliance.

Because of the success of the website, design elements and features were also implemented into Donor Alliance’s brand and other partners, proving that a strong website redesign can really bolster all aspects of your business