Emmerich Financial

About this project

The Emmerich Group helps community banks across the United States transform their systems and people, leading to levels of a top 5% performer.

Emmerich reached out to Farotech to help assess their overall marketing efforts with a focus on their digital presence. With Farotech and Emmerich Group collaborating, all of the gaps in their current marketing plans were discovered with some immediate actionables coming out of this review.

Gaps and Plans

During the digital marketing review, Farotech researched Emmerich Group’s website, content, overall brand, and more.

During this research period, Farotech interviewed Emmerich Group on a variety of their goals for the future, their competitors, as well as industry best practices. The group reviewed the findings and, from there, an immediate yearlong plan was put into action with monthly milestones in place to help achieve immediate and future goals going forward.

Content Strategy

A major piece of Emmerich Group’s strategy for the year was a branding and content alignment strategy.

In terms of branding alignment, Farotech optimized their social media strategy, created a lead scoring matrix that they did not have before and set them up with segmentation lists to better track ROI with their clients. For content, an aggressive, organic SEO strategy took place, which included video and blog publishing that was sent out to Emmerich’s email subscribers.

Magazine Production

One of the major projects coming out of Emmerich Group’s branding alignment was the update and creation of a new magazine for them.

The Emmerich had an existing, quarterly, 30-page magazine that got a refreshed look. During this process, Farotech handled all forms of production. Once the magazine was completed, Farotech coordinated an email automation marketing campaign to help promote the magazine and entice users to subscribe to it via custom-made landing pages.

The Results

In working and strategizing with Farotech, the Emmerich Group had a great start to their renewed marketing campaigns.

The new foundation of this digital marketing strategy helped Emmerich take the next steps with better ROI measurement reporting and an improved website to help facilitate these initiatives. With these in place, Emmerich has reported far more contacts and engagement with their digital presence than ever before while it continues to grow exponentially.