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Handsfree Health

About this project

HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, a voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform. With more than 150 years of combined experience in the health-care field, their founding team sought to create a better way for people to manage their health. HandsFree Health reached out to Farotech to help with their digital marketing to better promote their product line.

Farotech immediately helped identify their marketing problems with an accelerated gap assessment and took to attacking their biggest areas of need.

Reporting and Consultation

The biggest need to address was that HandsFree Health needed a way to track conversions, ROI, and other important metrics for their long-term goals.

Farotech also helped with some initial consulting to help inform these reports and figure out who their customer base was. Performing storyguides, Buyer Persona interviews, and analyzing their entire sales cycle made a huge difference going forward. With this all set up, it allowed the group to start tackling the campaign in earnest.

SEO Campaign

One of the major items that needed to be addressed was their content optimization. HandsFree Health had written some blogs, but not in a way to capitalize off SEO.

Farotech put a strategy in action to optimize key articles on the website that had valuable keywords that appealed to the newly refined buyer persona. Due to this work, organic traffic rose over 15% year over year.

ADA Compliance

During the campaign, HandsFree Health brought an ADA-compliance lawsuit to Farotech to see if they could help resolve this issue, as this is a common issue for health industry websites.

Farotech took on the work here and got into a series of reporting and checks for the current website. Items like vision and navigation impairment were accounted for and put into action. After completion, the website was now in a better position, and HandsFree Health has not experienced an ADA compliance issue since.

The Results

After Farotech’s work on all of these initiatives, HandsFree Health was now set up to continue to grow their audience online unabated.

Due to Farotech’s work, HandsFree Health’s valuable keywords rose dramatically, which led to more organic traffic. Improved tracking and reporting for their marketing and product line will continue to allow them to make the best strategic decisions going forward with their marketing, while also having a better understanding of their audience’s needs.