About this project

As a new startup company, LifeBrand had the aim to make a splash with their innovative social media cleaning app.

As a part of their efforts to hit the ground running, LifeBrand reached out to Farotech to help them with their marketing efforts, as they had a lot of ground to cover in a small amount of time. Farotech was eager to help LifeBrand put their best foot forward with a variety of marketing assets, such as video, reporting, content, and web development.

Super Video Work

As LifeBrand was looking to make a splash in the B2B markets, they turned to Farotech to help produce a video commercial with them to help spread awareness.

Farotech collaborated with LifeBrand on all stages of this video production, which included talent scouting, scriptwriting, editing, music, and voice-overs. Once the video was completed, it was used to great success with two variations, each used for social media, YouTube, commercials, sales, and email campaigns.

Top Content

As LifeBrand was quickly growing and needed promotion of their brand on all levels, Farotech also assisted them with developing new, ongoing content to garner high-quality, organic traffic.

In addition to implementing a keyword strategy and structured content, Farotech helped LifeBrand further develop their brand voice and buyer persona. This ongoing content strategy helped greatly boost valuable, organic traffic.

Email Allignment

The need to get LifeBrand’s awareness out there to various types of audiences also heavily involved the development of email assets and strategy.

Farotech worked on updating their emails to a more modern design and workshopped the content of the emails to best tell their message to each target audience of B2B and B2C. Setting up LifeBrand with proper automation and segmentation to maximize production helped round out this initiative.

The Results

As a major part of helping LifeBrand with their initial asset development, Farotech succeeded in giving LifeBrand the support and content they needed to hit the ground running with brand awareness.

LifeBrand is now partners with Kraft Sports + Entertainment among other companies to further push for success in their space.