MD CodePro

About this project

Dr. Alexander Stemer, after many years in the medical practice industry, found that physicians did not know how to code patient visits. MDCodePro is the answer to this problem.

MDCodePro reached out to Farotech to help them promote their offerings to the world at large. Farotech laid out a comprehensive plan as MDCodepro was a burgeoning startup. The first step was helping develop their unique app to assist with coding patient visits.

App Development

As the app was a major part of their overall business plan, great care and planning had to be done in advance. Farotech started some initial planning and persona research to best discover the common needs that this product would produce as well as user interface best practices.

Once all the initial planning had been done, Farotech got to work on the development of the app. After some QA work was completed, the app was launched to success, and Farotech continued to perform updates to the app over time.

Video Content

After finishing the app development, Farotech started production on some videos that would be used for the content marketing strategy that was now unfolding with the app release.

The videos were scripted, storyboarded, written, and produced by Farotech at all stages. After the initial preparation, the finished videos were integrated into the app and content marketing editorial calendar.

Marketing Development

Now that the app and video content were ready and in full swing, the marketing process could be set up. Since brand awareness was the biggest initial hurdle to cover, as well as explaining the product, a focused content marketing campaign was put into motion.

A full gauntlet of blog content, email marketing, and ads was put into full swing. Once the campaign was humming along, Farotech set up some measured KPIs in their HubSpot CRM. All of these spun out of the website that Farotech developed along with the app.

The Results

With all of the work that was done to help promote the app, from app development, asset development, video development, and web development, MDCodePro was able to successfully promote their product.

During that time, app usage rose by double the amount year to year. Web traffic and overall engagement metrics across all of the other ongoing marketing efforts also improved. MDCodePro continues to fill their niche in the medical practice market.