Digital Marketing | SEO

Net Diligence

About this project

With more than 20 years of experience in cyber, NetDiligence is an award-winning provider of cyber risk management software and services to the insurance industry.

They reached out to Farotech to help take their digital marketing to the next level, and Farotech stepped up to the job. Part of what was included in this process was the production of a brand-new website, setting up a new digital marketing campaign, and design updates.

Design Updates

To give the upcoming new marketing campaign a good foundation, Farotech worked with NetDiligence on analyzing the current branding and design assets. The updated design goal was to help raise NetDiligence’s profile in their industry.

After some collaboration, the design updates helped lay out the website, which would be the hub that a majority of NetDiligence’s marketing efforts would go through. Farotech then brought in items such as email assets, new logo work, social media, and unique content imagery.

Quality Content

Once the branding and website foundation were set, Farotech then worked withNetDiligence on producing content that was high quality to them and showed off their unique positioning.

While the content was set up for email campaigns and blogs, the group wanted to push things further. From these unique offers, subject matter expert video blogs and content optimization were developed.

Unique Solutions

While producing this foundation of ongoing content, optimization, and design work, Farotech wanted to continue to support NetDiligence’s other efforts.

Farotech helped NetDiligence with their conference event pages, producing their new customer portal, as well as their highly popular Cyber Claims Studies. This additional work was also folded into the current marketing to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The Results

After working with Farotech, NetDiligence saw a great increase in organic traffic, user engagement across social, and overall email campaigns. Webinar promotions were also highly successful with the current marketing efforts.

NetDiligence and Farotech working together continues to produce high-quality, industry-specific content that is often accessed and reviewed by readers. While this method is successful, the group is determined to continue to push the boundaries with new types of content.