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New Way Air Bearings

About this project

Established in 1994, New Way Air Bearings is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of modular air bearings as well as the recognized provider of porous air-bearing solutions. Their products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

New Way Air Bearings reached out to Farotech to help them build an organized and extensive website as well as develop an inbound marketing strategy.

Making Niche the Norm

Despite the many benefits of air-bearing technology over the use of standard bearings, air bearings were still considered a very niche business. Farotech helped New Way Air Bearings develop an extensive marketing campaign focused on educating the market on the applications of air-bearing technology.

This campaign involved a reorganized and SEO-driven sitemap and the development of case studies and e-books.

New Applications Showcase

In order to effectively spread the word about air-bearing technology to a variety of industries and marketing, Farotech focused on thought-driven keyword placement and inbound marketing strategies.

In addition, Farotech implemented SEO applications such as Proven Applications to help bring in new, more qualified leads. This marketing strategy paired with a more organized sitemap and website content proved to be a major success.

Industry Standard Offers

Once the sitemap was redeveloped and more traffic was coming to the site, Farotech switched their focus to creating more educational media to educate these new visitors on the benefits of air-bearing technology.

One of the products created was e-books. Not only were these e-books effective for online marketing, but New Way Air Bearings was able to take these e-books and print them for use at trade shows and face-to-face marketing.

The Results

Thanks to the work that Farotech did and continues to do, New Way Air Bearings saw an all-around improvement in website traffic.

Visiting clients are able to have a better user experience as well as learn more about New Way Air Bearings’ products and their applications. Farotech’s inbound marketing strategies drew in more qualified clients, which led to more client conversions and client retention.