Newtown Dentistry

About this project

Newtown Dentistry, one of the most well-known dental offices of the Delaware Valley, is a trusted, experienced, innovative, and convenient office for dental and orthodontic care.

Due to their unique office style, Newtown Dentistry reached out to Farotech to help craft a video that would showcase their incredible office, staff, and strengths in the dental field and show why they are the best adult and pediatric dentist in the greater Delaware Valley.

Dental Disneyworld

One of the main objectives of the Newtown Dentistry video was to show the unique, fun, and beautiful location, office environment, staff, and doctors. Newtown Dentistry wanted to show how dental care at their location was unlike any other office.

Farotech diligently scouted the location and took dozens of pictures before building the storyboard and scripting. After all that work was complete, it was time to begin filming.

Photography and More B-Roll

After the initial video was shot, Newtown Dentistry requested that Farotech help with professional office photos, as well. Farotech took the opportunity to plan out a series of staff and office photos as well as gather some B-roll for the video at the same visit.

Being able to update Newtown Dentistry’s photos and website videos at the same time significantly helped Farotech improve the presentation of their brand.

Website Implementation

Once the video and photography were edited and approved, they were implemented onto the new website that Farotech also developed. This website was more aligned with Newtown Dentistry’s branding and also was optimized for best SEO practices.

Farotech advised Newtown Dentistry to host the videos off the main website. This helped improve website-loading speed as well as improved analytics as the video-hosting website provided better analytics.

The Results

By planning and building the video in conjunction with the updated office photos and new website build, Farotech was able to seamlessly integrate all components into one beautiful and extremely functional website.

Newtown Dentistry was able to “start fresh” and efficiently advertise their branding, unique personality, and expertise with new ad copy that led to new, consistent contacts and appointment requests.