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North Carolina Specialty Hospital

About this project

North Carolina Specialty Hospital (NCSH) is a state-of-the-art medical facility located in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. They realized that they had a very out-of-date website and SEO strategy that could not meet the modern demands of a successful digital marketing campaign.

They reached out to Farotech to help them reach these goals and quickly went into action in planning out a website that would best support these initiatives.

A Modern Solution

Since updating the website was the first important step to take, Farotech and NCSH spent a lot of time initially collaborating on what the needs of the website were at the time and what they would be in the future.

Farotech provided some new functionalities that patients and NCSH would find valuable and began work on making a newly structured website with a new coat of paint. The restructuring and redesigning allowed for other great initiatives to thrive such as SEO and a new homepage video.

Organic Boost

To help provide a strategic SEO campaign that best benefitted NCSH, Farotech helped put together a proactive editorial calendar that targeted all of NCSH’s service areas and surgical specialties.

Due to the strategic planning with a focus on local keyword strategy, some high-ranking organic traffic content pages were produced. These pages helped drive conversions for NCSH. The data gathered from these high-performing pages also helped NCSH make data-driven decisions across their entire infrastructure.

Maximum Ad Reach

One of Farotech’s other recommendations for NCSH was to produce a digital ads campaign. This would help NCSH attain the outreach they were looking to achieve. Some Native ads and display ads were set up to reach their intended audience while making the most of the available budget. After using this strategy, NCSH saw a big boost in local organic traffic and many new patients.

The Results

After the site went live, the data in the following months showed that users were better at using the site and more engaged overall. Farotech continued to bring new methods to the table to only further enhance the website’s conversion while also bringing in double the amount of organic traffic.

NCSH is a great example of a growth-driven process really blooming over time and far exceeding its initial goals.