About this project

OrthoAspen is a longtime orthopedic practice originating in Aspen, Colorado. While OrthoAspen has a rich history in their area for top-of-the-line service and facilities, they needed help to better reach patients via their online marketing.

Enter Farotech. Farotech connected with OrthoAspen, examined the gaps in their overall digital strategy, and quickly set out to work. Using these gaps, Farotech was able to put together a multipart plan that would help OrthoAspen reach their full potential.

Fresh Website

One of the first things that had to be done here was OrthoAspen needed a new website to support all of the new digital marketing efforts that would take them to the next level.

During the gap assessment, Farotech discovered how to best restructure the website as well as update OrthoAspen’s branding for a fresher, easier-to-navigate site for patients. Making sure that the website was HIPAA and ADA compliant was also a top priority, as OrthoAspen has a long history of top patient best practices.

Valuable Content

Now that the website was ready, Farotech strategized key performing content via an editorial calendar, competitor analysis, and keyword strategy within the orthopedic industry.

By putting together this strategic content, OrthoAspen was able to double their organic traffic with valuable, educational content. This content was also used in a variety of ways to help engage with users via different platforms such as social media, emails, and more

Engaging Users

Another part of the overall strategy was finding new ways to engage existing patients as well as draw in new ones with fun and interesting content. To facilitate this, new functionalities on the website such as a “Share Your Story” page were developed that helped patients engage and contribute to the overall Aspen community that OrthoAspen was strengthening. Between this, social media, and live events, users became bigger brand supporters over time.

The Results

The combination of website content development, engaging offers, and exciting social media updates led to incredible results for OrthoAspen.

Because of all these efforts, OrthoAspen increased their overall patient intake and nearly doubled all traffic engagement across all channels. Due to OrthoAspen’s continued success, they were brought into the fold of Aspen Valley Hospital to further bolster their profile.