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Philadelphia Insurance Companies

About this project

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is a premier national Property/Casualty and Professional Liability insurance carrier that delivers comprehensive insurance coverage and risk management expertise in over 120 specialized business markets across the country.

PHLY reached out to Farotech as they needed help with their Ads campaign and campaign optimization as they felt their current strategy had plateaued. Farotech was eager to work with PHLY and assisted with this request and more.

Ads That Work

Farotech collaborated with PHLY to create new campaigns from scratch, with a new set of SEO keywords and a strategy to help power them. The campaign improved audience targeting so that PHLY can maximize their reach.

To further help the performance of these new ad campaigns, Farotech created and optimized campaign landing pages and thank-you pages. The creation of these optimized pages helped PHLY better track leads and conversions from the ads.

Performance Optimization

In addition to the newly optimized ad campaigns, Farotech also recommended optimizing the website for better organic traffic and performance. By employing a similar research and keyword strategy, Farotech was set to further empower PHLY’s website.

A number of items across the website were optimized: The blogs were optimized for valuable keywords as well as the Product pages. They ended up becoming some of the most popular pages on the website for organic traffic.

Offer Promotions

During this time, Farotech also recommended that PHLY engage in some website Offerings as PHLY had, up to that point, not put out any Offers before.

The Offers were great for presenting specific products PHLY wanted to highlight in webinars, infographics, and eBook forms. As these were created, Farotech put together an email automation campaign to help promote these offers, which led to some great success overall.

The Results

All of these efforts met and exceed PHLY’s initial goals. Farotech’s recommendations helped push their marketing strategy even further than was initially scoped.

Some highlights of the ads campaign include the average CPC going from $73 to $17 and a Conversion Rate of 2% to 7%. With Ads leading the way, it allowed the rest of the optimization campaign to work in harmony and lift PHLY’s marketing to new heights.