About this project

In 2018, ProWriters came to Farotech with an outdated website that lacked the design and functionality to effectively point users to critical information. In addition, brand inconsistency and other critical gaps throughout their marketing were costing them leads, sales, and ultimately— revenue.

The company’s goal was to launch a new product, but they knew they would have more success if their website and marketing were brought up to date with the cyber industry first.

Strategy & Execution

Farotech conducted a comprehensive Gap Assessment, which outlined a 12-month roadmap to achieve substantial marketing results for ProWriters over the course of the first year of partnership.

This included the development of branding, the restructuring of the website to be more optimized for SEO, a full digital marketing campaign, video development, email automations, social media strategy, and digital ads.

Prowriters video on a laptop

Creative Development

Farotech worked with ProWriters on a light branding update which then informed all of their other growth driven creative developments. Once the brand update was established, Farotech worked with Prowriters on developing a new website that included these updated design elements such as immediate calls-to-action, service features, and testimonials on the homepage.

Later on, this process helped seamlessly implement the roll-out of their new Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal.

Prowriters branding book example

Lead Producing Content

Once the website structure was established, the team needed to run an effective Search Engine Optimized organic traffic campaign. Farotech then worked with ProWriters to create a content strategy to increase their search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Farotech also worked with Prowriters to develop valuable buyer persona gated resources to capture leads directly from the website.

Prowriters man on laptop viewing website

The Results

After just one year of working with Farotech, monthly website users increased by 314% (836 in the month of April 2019, up from 202 in April of 2018). In addition, page views improved by 380%, rising from 10,220 to 49,156.

These statistics came as no surprise, since organic keywords went from 93 total with zero on page one, to 408 with 32 keywords ranking on the first page of Google—a massive 338.7% increase!

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