Recovery Centers of America

About this project

Recovery Centers of America (RCA) was a new startup addiction-treatment group with a focus on providing top-of-the-line treatment. Due to the highly ambitious nature of the project, RCA brought in a multitude of vendors and experts to help kick-start their new business. This required a large lift on the digital marketing side, which is where Farotech stepped in to assist with the creation of websites, content, and email campaigns.

Agile Websites

RCA was looking to make a big splash right away, which led to Farotech strategizing with them a series of websites to coincide with the opening of each new facility. RCA’s first website was their Lighthouse location, which was strategized and developed by Farotech. After this was completed, other facility websites were added along the way such as Bracebridge Hall and Westminster.

In addition to the facility sites, Farotech also collaborated with RCA on some other satellite websites such as AmericaNow.

Hiring Campaign

As part of the strategy of launching the new facility websites, Farotech also worked with RCA to create a new Careers website. The Careers website was designed in a way to optimally work with ads and email campaigns, and speed up the overall hiring process.

With the Careers site set up for optimization, Farotech strategized with RCA on an automated email marketing campaign that also coincided with RCA’s job fair open houses. This work was a major part of staffing RCA at this stage.

Content Strategy

During the website and email campaign development, Farotech created an SEO strategy that best took advantage of valuable keywords that RCA needed.

The content-optimization strategy included various email campaigns and new blog development to help reach out to RCA’s desired audience. The blog and email campaigns helped raise each facility’s website-awareness profiles as well as drive quality traffic

The Results

Recovery Centers of America’s collaboration with Farotech, as part of a much larger effort launching their brand and facilities, helped them quickly become established in the addiction-recovery space.

Between the content writing SEO strategy, email campaigns, and the development of various websites, RCA met their initial goals. RCA is now one of the premier addiction-treatment centers and continues to leverage the initial content framework laid out for them to positive results.