RMS Roller Grinder

About this project

RMS Roller-Grinder is a company that builds and services quality roller mills specific to each customer’s applications for milling and grain-handling systems.

They reached out to Farotech to help them with their marketing strategy, which, at the time, was practically nonexistent. Farotech identified that they were experiencing a variety of issues from brand confusion, unoptimized content, a lack of real analytics, and more.

Brand Streamline

After completing their initial diagnosis and strategy, Farotech decided to start at the core of the issue, which was RMS’ brand confusion.

First, Farotech had to combine a few satellite websites under RMS’ banner that appealed to different industries. As a part of this initiative, Farotech helped create updated branding to be used as a part of the combined website, as well as in all future marketing assets

Inbound Focus

Once the website and brand unification were settled, Farotech took to action on the main content strategy. Using a hub and spoke strategy, along with publishing highly sought-after and keyword-filled content, Farotech developed a monthly strategy to help pull in the awareness and traffic RMS needed for the industries they were appealing to.

As a part of the campaign setup for this content development, Farotech also set up a proper reporting system to help continue to optimize the campaign over time.

Asset Improvements

As a part of the brand unification and update to help support the content campaign, Farotech created a series of appealing assets.

These assets were created based on the information discovered during the initial research period to discover who RMS’ Buyer Personas were. Some of the assets created were trade show backdrops, flyers, email designs, social media graphics, and e-book offers. All of these updated online and offline designs helped RMS stand out from their competitors and draw eyes to their content.

The Results

Once the campaign was in full swing, RMS Roller-Grinder was happy with the results, which included more brand awareness at their trade shows and a vast improvement in their contacts and leads.

RMS’ session-to-contact rate was 2.4%, and the contact-to-customer rate was 10.12%. This number continues to grow exponentially post-site launch due to the ongoing content optimization campaign. RMS’ ongoing success has led to other opportunities for them and will continue to expand their marketing strategy.