Triangle Surgery Center

About this project

Triangle Surgery Center (TSC) is a state-of-the-art orthopedic facility that is designed with patients in mind. They are one of the first facilities in North Carolina to receive the coveted AAAHC Advanced Orthopedic Certification. Triangle Surgery Center reached out to Farotech due to our work with EmergeOrtho and asked us to help them put together a new website that matched their own patient values and that presents themselves as a premier orthopedic center.

ADA Compliance Design

After the initial planning, Farotech tackled the task of coming up with an eye-catching design that matched TSC’s branding, while also striking a balance with all the ADA requirements that come along with having a medical website.

A review of the imagery and color scheme included the consideration of patients with eyesight issues, as well as making notes for development that the website needed to be able to read properly for any vision-impaired users.

Optimized Structure

Farotech also had to ensure that the website’s internal structure was well-optimized for HIPAA and ADA compliance while still maintaining the TSC branding.

As part of the plan, Farotech took into account all different kinds of user impairment and how it would factor in with their engagement on the website. From the navigation, meta description, image descriptions, and proper naming convention, all ADA items were considered

Development Process

Once Farotech finished the initial planning for the site layout and design, they got to work on the website’s development.

During this process, Farotech coordinated with Triangle Surgery Center to collect additional content as well as make sure the Doctor page information was fully accounted for. Due to TSC being associated with North Carolina Specialty Hospital and EmergeOrtho, it was very important to make sure every piece of information was correct

The Results

Once development was finished, Farotech coordinated with Triangle Surgery Center to schedule a launch. The post-launch was successful with no errors along the way. After that, Farotech provided TSC with some training videos to continue to make adjustments to the website as needed.

Farotech now continues periodic website updates for TSC via the Web Maintenance package, which was later used to add in a new top-of-the-line video to the homepage.