+Vantage Corporation

About this project

+Vantage Corporation has been providing the best technology solutions for automation, inspection, assembly, and systems integration for over 19 years. During this time, they have been focused on offering the industry’s best innovative technologies and customer support.

The team at +Vantage learned about Farotech through another client and was so impressed by the work that they reached out for a robust digital marketing campaign to help take them to the next level as a company.

Building the Process

+Vantage Corporation’s digital marketing output at the beginning was very small in scope. After a thorough Gap Assessment, Farotech determined what they would need to execute the digital marketing campaign they needed to meet their goals.

Once the review was completed, Farotech put together a comprehensive plan on key areas to build up over time. +Vantage Corporation then worked to help Farotech understand their audience and the race was on from there.

Digital Marketing Machine

Farotech sprung into motion to help +Vantage Corporation set up a digital marketing machine that would help drive additional leads and brand awareness over time. This involved a large variety of items, as +Vantage only had a small website and newsletter to start with, but Farotech was up to the task.

An SEO Content Calendar was developed along with updated branding and a CRM to help track leads. In addition, updated social media strategy, email campaigns, and website optimization were also included.

Website Optimization

As the campaign went on, the group decided that to further enhance the digital marketing campaign, the current +Vantage Corporation site would need to be optimized to best suit these new strategies.

Using a growth-driven, agile methodology, Farotech was able to optimize the +Vantage Corporation’s website over time, which lead to a huge boost in organic traffic, valuable keywords, leads, and overall better user experience year over year.

The Results

After creating and implementing this new digital marketing approach, +Vantage started seeing exponential growth across all metrics while also improving their brand. As the years went on, the growth only continued and the group continued to expand the campaign’s reach from there.

+Vantage’s new campaign was so successful that it was acquired by the RōBEX company in 2022. The exponential growth and visibility in their industry raised their profile enough to be seen as the industry leader in the field of engineering systems integration.