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Wayne Automation

About this project

Since 1976, Wayne Automation has established themselves as a leader in the building of high-quality packaging machinery. They have become most popular in the glass and plastic packaging industries due to their innovations in the building of quality machinery for these fields.

Wayne Automation contacted Farotech in an effort to improve their online presence to match their well-established, real-life reputation.

Assessing the Gaps

After a thorough assessment, Farotech was able to find many missed marketing opportunities including an outdated website, no social media presence, and no email-marketing campaigns. Tackling these items was Farotech’s first step in improving the traffic and online presence of Wayne Automation.

After a strong sitemap had been established, Farotech helped Wayne Automation ensure their content was more SEO-friendly.

Prepping for Success

Farotech also helped ensure Wayne Automation saw continued success after their website launch by building them a targeted Google Ads campaign and inbound marketing campaign that was designed to draw in the attention Wayne Automation was seeking.

Farotech also helped develop an entire virtual tour of the Wayne Automation facility, which became essential as the COVID-19 pandemic persisted and clients were unable to visit.

A Robust Campaign

The combination of the new website, SEO-friendly content, e-books, case studies, Google Ads, and virtual tour that Farotech created for Wayne Automation proved to be the comprehensive and unified marketing strategy that Wayne Automation was seeking.

Farotech’s team was able to provide Wayne Automation with the “whole package” marketing campaign that Wayne Automation had been striving for, but was unable to complete on their own.

The Results

Thanks to the work of Farotech’s team, Wayne Automation’s virtual tour page became a top-10 most-viewed page on their website. Wayne Automation was also able to experiment with display and search ads and target the clients and industries that they wanted to work with. Lastly, thanks to search engine-optimized content, Wayne Automation saw a 32% improvement in their organic search result leads.