About this project

Astea International was a global provider of end-to-end service management software solutions that offered all the cornerstones of service lifecycle management, including customer management, depot repair, service management, asset management, warranty management, forward and reverse logistics management, and mobile workforce management and optimization.

They reached out to Farotech to give them a modern approach to digital marketing in all forms and take them to the next level.

Enterprise Website

After doing a full assessment of Astea’s digital marketing efforts, Farotech quickly went into action planning out a full-press strategy.

One of the first things that Farotech worked on was putting together a top-of-the-line enterprise website that was able to be scaled with their marketing initiative and showed Astea as No. 1 in their industry space. All-new content optimization, brand polishing, and high-quality videos helped support Astea’s web presence at home and nationally.

Traffic Strategy

As a way to bring the right kind of viewers to Astea’s website, Farotech engaged in a large, multipart content strategy over the course of each year.

First, the existing content was optimized with new, valuable keywords along with running a Google Ads campaign to assist with traffic while the SEO strategy took hold. After those were in process, the next phase was an ongoing content development and social media campaign. Using all of these strategies, Astea’s traffic grew by 56% year over year.

Video and Graphics

While the content strategy was in full swing, Farotech was creating high-quality offers, videos, and other valuable design assets to support Astea.

To help with the website update, high-quality B-Roll footage was created as well as testimonial videos to show brand value. As users engaged with content on the site, high-quality, valuable offers such as e-books were created to entice and convert. In addition, other graphical assets were created for social media, trade show collateral, and email designs.

The Results

Due to all of the various marketing efforts, Astea saw great results, which led to more brand awareness, app usage, and valuable lead conversion.

Astea is a shining example of how a full marketing effort can produce results. It was so successful that in 2019, Astea was acquired by IFS. The combined companies went on to serve more customers in more markets through a broader network of the best talent and partners in the industry.