About this project

EmergeOrtho is North Carolina’s premier leader in orthopedic care. They are known for their world-class, comprehensive, and compassionate care. EmergeOrtho presented a unique, but not insurmountable, challenge of serving a large portion of North Carolina.

When EmergeOrtho reached out to Farotech, it was essential that Farotech create a marketing campaign that focused on a quality user experience, while still ensuring the proper service area was being advertised.

Restructuring for Growth

Due to the complexity of the website and the need for separation of each service area, Farotech laid out an in-depth approach to website optimization.

Some of the areas being considered in this rebranding were ease of use, best SEO practices, and organization that provided easy growth opportunities. Farotech provided many new functionalities for the EmergeOrtho site including zip code, urgent care, and doctor finders.

User Experience First

During the website redesign, Farotech took special care to include any and all of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). This included a new sitemap as well as the addition of mobile-optimized webpages.

Farotech also helped EmergeOrtho implement e-commerce, online chat, and an online-booking website for better ease of use. All of this helped establish a better user experience throughout EmergeOrtho’s entire service area.

HIPAA Compliant

As is the requirement with all health-care sites, Farotech helped EmergeOrtho ensure their entire website met all HIPAA compliance requirements.

This included ensuring that website security, forms, and data transfers met all HIPAA compliance before being published on the internet. Farotech also helped connect this HIPAA-compliant website to EmergeOrtho’s electronic health records to improve future client engagement.

The Results

In only a matter of months after marketing implementation, EmergeOrtho saw almost 6,000 more contacts. Farotech was also able to help EmergeOrtho create consistent branding throughout each and every region, while still ensuring that the proper EmergeOrtho region was being advertised in the proper area.

Farotech’s implementation of a new online chat feature also reduced nonappointment call volume while still servicing potential patients.