Falcon Capital Partners

About this project

Falcon Capital Partners is a premier investment bank providing sell-side and strategic advisory services to companies in the health care, technology, and commercial & industrial markets. While they were successful and growing, they were looking to further push their brand awareness.

Farotech was contacted to help Falcon launch a brand-new website that would help satisfy their need for improved branding presentation on their website, unique functionality, and SEO.

Planning and Design

To help make sure that all of the needs were met for this new website build, Farotech met with Falcon Capital Partners to build a strategy.

After laying out all the essential information needed on the website, Farotech then planned out all the needed writing, content, and design. Once each page’s main ideas and wireframes were established, the writing was put into action and set up in a way to best work with the design layout.


Once the initial planning phase was over and the design was finalized, the team set out to help Falcon Capital Partners take some new professionally shot photography.

The photography was set up in a way where it would be used across the original website build while also capturing additional B-roll. The additional B-roll photography was then used for future ongoing social media posts and website content. After a successful session and post-production, the shots were taken to the development site.

Unique Functionallity

Now that the website was in full development and nearing a go-live phase, Farotech focused on Falcon Capital Partners in creating a unique functionality for the website.

The unique functionality they required was specific to their industry, which was a transaction searchable archive. By working closely with Falcon, Farotech was able to design it in a way that worked well with responsiveness and would still be easy for Falcon to update over time.

The Results

After all the pieces were in place, Farotech launched the website with great success. During the initial post-launch period, Farotech assisted Falcon with any needed training videos and training sessions so they could easily make updates to the website over time.

After the post-launch period was done, Farotech followed up on the analytics performance of the website and saw that the user engagement and organic traffic both more than doubled their amount from the previous site iteration.