Town Center Orthopedics

About this project

Town Center Orthopaedics is a growing orthopedic group that found them a bit too boxed in when working with a digital marketing orthopedic specialty group. While it helped them initially get started, their templated strategy and website made it difficult to really expand their reach and help them stand out from other similar practices.

Farotech helped them aggressively get their marketing where it needed to be while Town Center Orthopaedics continued to open more offices and expand their business.

Assessing for Growth

After collaborating with Farotech, Town Center Orthopaedics was able to discover where their current marketing efforts were lacking and then put together a roadmap to quickly reach these goals.

In addition to finding ways to improve their website, SEO, and ads, Farotech laid out some new initiatives going forward. Expanding their HIPAA compliance for both their website and email platform, improving their reputation management, and creating a better patient-acquisition platform were at the top of their list.

A Web Launchpad

While the new digital marketing initiatives were being set up, Farotech quickly began work on a new website that would better support these new initiatives.

Things such as making sure the site is HIPAA compliant, ADA compliant, and the ability to scale as Town Center Orthopaedics grows their practices were essential to the process. In addition to that, the site was designed for a great patient user experience to easily find what they need across all devices.

Full Gauntlet Marketing

Once the website was completed, Farotech was able to work with Town Center Orthopaedics on a variety of digital marketing initiatives.

As a part of the digital marketing refresh, Farotech helped create numerous new graphical assets to use on initiatives such as email, search ads, and offers. This, along with consistent valuable content, really propelled patient leads and awareness. Optimizing various doctor listings and reputation management also helped bring consistency across the board.

The Results

Since working with Farotech, Town Center Orthopaedics has propelled itself forward with great local and organic traffic results valued at $19K and growing due to the content strategy that was employed.

Town Center Orthopaedics has also greatly improved their patient experience process at all levels and currently has a 4.75+ overall star review average.

Using this successful process, this partnership continues to find new marketing opportunities and maximize what is working.